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Myself Priyanka Vijay,  I have been a part of this nutrition club since four months im order to achieve a balanced health and healthy lifestyle. With the guidance of my coaches and the nutrition club, I have been experiencing  so many unexpected changes in my health and lifestyle for my good.
I can proudly say that I have reduced almost 11 Kg weight in a very little span of 3 months, my dark circles have disappeared and Ive gotten a better skin texture. 
I’ve developed better habits like sleeping on time, taking in ample amount of water in my body and I experience a better behaviour day by day.
I am thankful to the nutrition club for all these positive changes.


Lost 128 Pounds And 3 Sizes

I always wanted to loose weight but I never had imagined that I would be be able to achieve success.
I can notice a better sleeping pattern in my schedule and it makes me feel energetic during the day.
The shake is very sufficient and fills me up, I was on liquid diet for a long time, soups and liquids are what I consumed regularly.


Main Problem – Obesity

My major motive wasn’t loosing weight. My coach Kamaljeet Kaur supported me immensely.

I got a lot of knowledge about the process after joining this club.



Getting up was a problem for me once I sat down because of my weight. Ive gotten amazing results after joining the club, I’m very thankful to sir and ma’am for introducing me to this club. All daily chores are no problem for me now, I walk, I sit and I feel no pain which Is an amazing feeling for me. ‘Thanks to the nutrition club for helping me out in this journey’

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